Welcome to The Alphabet Group!


Does your child experience difficulty reading?

  • Does your child struggle with learning to read?
  • Are they discouraged?
  • Do they avoid reading altogether?

As an adult, do you find reading challenging?

  • Are you an adult who reads slowly?
  • Has your reading ability affected your work opportunities?
  • Are reading, spelling and writing still difficult years later?

General tutoring in reading, spelling and writing skills is not always enough  – the greater the difficulty, the greater the benefit from specialist intervention.  Call The Alphabet Group to learn more!

What sets the Alphabet Group apart?

  • Standardized testing to determine source of reading difficulty – for targeted intervention
  • Systematic and intensive reading instruction using evidence-based reading programs – begin to close the ‘reading gap’
  • Online instructional delivery available to accommodate time and travel constraints  – permits flexible scheduling wherever you’re located
  • Trained and accredited reading instructor – Ceci Vasoff (OCT, BSc, BEd, MTS) is Level 1 Certified in the Wilson Reading System®, and a member of the International Dyslexia Association and the Ontario College of Teachers


Call 705-725-3622 for a free consultation.  Find out how The Alphabet Group can help!